"Kotarou and the Chairman's Fun Cursed Cooking!" is the 7th chapter of Gakuen Babysitters.

Long Summary Edit

The chapter begins with a flashback to the conclusion of Ryuuichi's middle school graduation, leading into summer. Ryuuichi wakes up to find Kotarou asleep on his chest, before they are both startled by the chairman and Saikawa who rush in to wake them up. Ryuuichi falls out of the bed, still holding Kotarou, and responds with a hoarse voice.

The chairman orders Saikawa to bring a thermometer, suspecting that Ryuuichi has a fever.

The chairman peels Kotarou away from Ryuuichi to prevent him from getting sick as well and prevents him from seeing Ryuuichi until his cold has subsided.

In the kitchen, the chairman calls for Kotarou to help squeeze some lemons to make herbal tea and Kotarou eagerly helps, desperate to help his brother.

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